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Written by Cathy
What it means growing up a Jones is complex. My memories vary from waking up feeling safe at Inglenook just by smelling cinnamon toast and coffee, all the way to having Aunt Dolly and Aunt Doodie teaching me how to play poker.

Whenever there is a good rain storm, I am taken back to the afternoons spent on the porch of Inglenook drinking tea and having Aunt Justine teach me how to crochet (which I never got the hang of). There were the sleepless nights when Aunt Justine could be found in the living room putting together the biggest puzzle ever just to pass the time.

The real meaning of being a Jones constantly amazes me. To watch Grandma change, grow and adapt as time goes on is without a doubt remarkable. For her to be able to accept everyone, not always without comment, is what I strive to be like. For the longest time I thought Aunt Justine was unmatchable and in many ways she was. However, to see Grandma understand her grandchildren's problems is unbelievable. I can now see how Aunt Justine became the person she was and I hope that there is a little of that special something flowing through my veins.

Written by Joanne
One of my favorite memories of Grandma and Grandpa Jones is visiting Inglenook. I loved the smell as soon as I entered the back door into the kitchen. I loved sitting on the glider on the screened porch. I also loved sitting on the front porch during a thunderstorm, listening to the sound of the heavy rain hitting the roof and the trees, but the ground never got wet. The best part was going upstairs to the attic room and playing with the dollhouse that was always set up.

These are some of the best memories of my whole life and they are all linked to Grandma and Grandpa Jones. Unfortunately, I didn't know Grandpa very long but Grandma is such a tremendous part of my life to this day. I want her to know just how much I love and cherish all that she has given and continues to give to me and my children (who also adore her).

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