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Joanne lived life as though she knew her time was short. She squeezed every ounce out of her time on earth.

She loved the rain, a sunny day, the winter snow, the summer haze, leaves in the fall, and blossoms in the spring. She found joy in everything but most of all she found joy in her family.

In thinking of the way she loved her husband, the lyrics to a song come to mind, "Ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no valley low enough." He was everything to her and she let everyone know it.

Her children were her masterpiece, her precious jewels. We all love our children without bounds. The difference with Joanne was that she told them so every day.

Every memory of Joanne has her smiling, laughing, or speaking glowingly of some person or some thing. She had a lasting influence on anyone lucky enough to have known her. She made the world a far better place.

Joanne was an advocate of life who raised the standard for us all.
We miss her terribly, but know that the spirit of her life lives on.

Joanne (undergoing chemotherapy) and Jonathan -- Dec 2003

"You Raise Me Up"