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Written by Eugene
Weddings always tend to bring out the best in the Jones'. There is one moment from my own affair that I am unlikely to ever forget.

Since I was tying the knot in the foreign country of New Jersey, many of my family members secured rooms at a turn of the century hotel, close to the church. All my brothers wore tuxedos and were looking their best. Everyone had a great time at the inn getting ready prior to the ceremony.

At one point my brothers Joseph and Robert were passing each other on the stairs. They each paused and in a manner only Joseph could exude, he turned to Robert and exclaimed, "Damn! We look good!"

There have been so many parties and weddings in our family we could fill a book with their memories alone. The following are just a few provided by our kin.

Written by JoAnn
My earliest wedding memory is that of my big brother Joseph and his bride Anne. I don't really remember the wedding itself, but I clearly remember the reception, which was at the Hiberian Hall right at the end of our block. We didn't even need to cross the street!

The tables were placed end to end down the left and right side of the hall. Paper tablecloths covered the tables. There were bowls of potato chips and such, an absolute treat rarely seen in our household. I suppose it was arranged that each family brought some of the food, as I remember Mom cooking lots of baked beans for the reception.

The entertainment was of our own making and included Mom's lady friends, "the girls" who sang, danced, and just led the good times. Yours truly, at the age of 7, gave a glorious (so I thought) rendition of "Playmates" in full voice on the stage. Wow! What a great time we had. How could anything top that!

Five years later, though, my second big brother, John, married Margie, the day after 26 inches of snow blanketed New York.

The main things I remember are: Granny Fatthauer walking to the subway in the middle of the street; the beautiful decorations in Holy Cross Church, and the fact that the priest wore beautiful gold vestments. I thought that my brother John must be a really important person for the priest to be so dressed up for his wedding, not realizing it was a big feast day in the church!

And I remember my own wedding, but that's not too hard as it was just 4 years ago. I will never forget that Mom came down to Gaithersburg for the wedding. Such a special gift. As ever, Mom does all that she can to bring joy to those around her. Thanks Mom, for all that you are and do for us. I love you.

Written by Mary and David Jones III
(David Jones III is the grandson of David Jenkins Jones)
Not only did John and Margie have bad weather for their big day, we did too, and only a month later. The photographer, who did both weddings, swore he would never do a Jones affair again!

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The Family Portrait at Eugene's Wedding
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