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Written by JoAnne R.
Now that it is Christmas time, I can close my eyes and see Daddy walking in the front door after closing down the store. He would take off his hat and stream all the dollar bills he had taken in from last minute shoppers (like himself). All this would be accompanied by the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' of all of us children.

Written by Susan
My most vivid memory of Grandpa Jones is when he dressed up as Santa in Inglenook. He made a perfect Santa and enjoyed it so much. Coming from a small family with few relatives, I found the Jones family to be huge and enjoyable to be around, especially with people like Santa and Grandma at the helm. They got so much pleasure from kids and younger people. I was welcomed into the family so easily that I felt I had always been a part of this Jones dynasty.

Written by John Sr.
I remember how on Christmas morning all the children would have to sit and wait at the top of the stairs until everybody had appeared. We all had to use the bathroom, wash, and clean our teeth. We would line up in order of our age, youngest to oldest, and then go downstairs to find out if Santa had come. By the time we reached the bottom step where it turned, you could look into the reception room where the tree was. The tree was lighted and the presents, all gaily wrapped, were there around the tree.

After Mom and Pop moved out to Ingle Nook, at Christmas, Pop would don his Santa Claus outfit and Mom would have to be Mrs. Claus. Pop would go around to the neighborhood children. One time he went to the Malaussena house, right across Hollow Road, did his thing and as he was leaving with a great HO HO HO one of the young Malaussena boys exclaimed "Merry Christmas Grandpa Jones!"


JJJones Truck
Truck outside Grandpa's store in Flatbush Brooklyn
at Church and Nostrand Aves.
-- c. 1948 --

JJJones Business Card
Business card from Grandpa's store