How Dan and Karen Met

By Karen
This is my version. If you ever ask Dan about it, you will see his version differs slightly. His is wrong and mine is right.

It was January of 1990 and I was working at Blockbuster Video. He came in to open an account. He was wearing his famous green jacket and I still thought he was cute. Anyway, I informed him that he could be eligible to rent 6 videos at a time if he used a credit card to open the account. After he gave me his card I started to tease him that I would be right back, because I had some shopping to do. I guess he should have taken that as a warning sign!

After he opened the account he continued to come in almost every week renting some REALLY ridiculous movies. For crying out loud, the man rented Clan of the Cave Bears.

Anyway, after 4 months of this charade he called me at the video store and asked if I wanted to go out after work. I told him sure, but that I get off at midnight. He said that was too late for him so we would do it another night. He then realized he didn't even know my last name. I told him it was Jones and he said and I quote "if you don't want me to know just say so, but don't make something up." It took some convincing, but he finally believed me.

We went out on our first date on April 26th. We went to Lido's restaurant and to see The Hunt for Red October. And the rest is history.

Two-and-a-half years later, on November 6th 1992, he proposed. He picked me up from work in a suit, which you all know by now was a very BIG HINT. We drove home to his house where he made me close my eyes. He walked me to the backyard and had me wait with my eyes closed. When I opened them, he was on one knee with a dozen red roses in his hand, a bottle of champagne on the ground next to him, and in the trees in the backyard he had written in Christmas lights "Will You Marry Me."

We then went to dinner at, you guessed it, Lido's.

Dan and Karen in Germany, 1992