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Eugene's Christmas Present
In 1998, Eugene solicited family members to write stories relating their memories of childhood, their grandparents, or anything about being part of the Jones family. He then compiled the stories, along with loads of old photos, into a beautifully bound book that he presented to his grandmother at Christmas.

It was a loving labor that took Eugene and his wife, Susan, several months to complete. The final product instantly became a family classic.

In April 2001, a year after grandma (Helen V.) passed away; Joe III created this Web site and transcribed the stories in the book, along with a family tree, to here. Since then, new sections, stories, and pictures have been added to the site and will continue to be added as the family grows.

Grandma's Baby Book
Another classic book is Helen's own creation. She crafted a huge white-covered book where she placed a page for each and every one of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. She meticulously recorded each child's birth, marriage, and any special events in their lives.

Many of the pictures found in this site were extracted from Grandma's Baby Book.


Helen with grandchild
Helen with one of her great grandchildren.

At the time she passed away in
March 2000, Helen had
29 grandchildren,
49 great-grandchildren,
7 great-great-grandchildren

Helen's favorite song was "Ramblin' Rose"