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The following eulogy was delivered by Joanne's brother, Eugene, at her burial in Cedar Hill cemetery on October 19, 2004.


Who is your Hero?
Countless school children throughout the ages have been asked to write an essay on this topic. I know I did. I often struggled with whom to pick to write about. After all, "hero" is a very strong word. I usually conjured up standard American figures that were famous and historically noted. Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr.

It wasn't until I grew much older that I began to realize that our true heroes are those that live their lives in quiet dignity; those that touch our lives in many small ways; those that often remain unsung;
That is why I sing of you, Joanne.
Because you are my hero, just as you are to everyone assembled here today.
And thousands of others whose lives you have touched in many immeasurable ways.

Now I know you are probably scowling at me right now, with your classic Jones furrowed brow, Because you did not want to be a hero. You confided in me many times that you did not want to have to be strong, to be courageous, to have to serve as an inspiration to others. You would have easily traded it all just have your health, and life; to just be a regular "Jo".
But this was the role God chose for you. And you served him well.

For the amazing wife you have been to Phillip; your unwavering love, And the way you sanctified your holy wedding vows every day of your life; "In sickness and in health in good times and bad." You were always there for him

For the incredible mother that you have been, raising four beautiful, smart, and talented children, mixing just the right amounts of discipline and laughter, along with heaping amounts of love.

For the way you tenderly cared for all of the patients with Dr. Corsari, as though they were your own. Thanks to your caring touch and observations, hundreds of children see clearly today, and smile.

For your fiery spirit that you displayed in everything you did. You did not live life passively. You attacked it. I will always laugh thinking about the way you would bark out directions --"Phil, you have to turn here!" even though they were often wrong; but you had passion, and that is much more important than being right or wrong.

For the way you always lived life to the fullest. You never took the path of least resistance. And when you had the chance to either sit out or dance, you always chose to dance. Even after you lost your leg to cancer, you chose to dance -- at Joni and Larry's wedding. And dance you did -- nothing was going to stop you.

For the way you always put others before yourself. Even in your own moment of need and suffering, you asked that people think and pray for others such as Devin, as opposed to yourself. I even understand that one of the reasons you chose your final resting place is because "it will be convenient for everyone."
You truly are unbelievable.

For all of these reasons, and many, many more, you are my hero. And you always shall be.

And until we meet again, I wish you luck in your scrabble matches in heaven with Grandma, Daddy, and others. Just be sure to keep a keen eye on Daddy. He can be a real shrewd one!

I love you. And I will miss you, always.



Joanne at a wedding in August 2002