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Written by Denise
I remember the house on East 31st Street in Brooklyn. There was a closet at the bottom of the stairs that Grandma always had toys in for us to play with. There was also a bathroom upstairs with a glass door that took on the shape of a scary monster!

I remember waiting with Grandma in Stony Brook for my Mom and Dad to bring Brian home from the hospital. When they finally arrived there were so many blankets to unfold I wasn't sure if there even was a baby!

Inglenook brings back many different memories for me; the smell of lilacs, pie crust cookies always in the oven, the candy jar in the dining room, the old fashioned play telephone, and of course, the glider on the porch.

It was such a great place to be a kid growing up. I'll always remember Grandma and Aunt Anne pulling clothing through a contraption they insisted was a washing machine. It looked more like a stretching machine.

There were also the summer gatherings of the whole family at Inglenook. They included twirling contests with Eileen and Maureen, the sound of Nat King Cole singing about the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer, sitting on the front porch at night waiting for the owl to appear.

Who could forget the story when Eugene accidentally killed one of Aunt Justine's mice at Inglenook just as she was concluding her thesis study of reproduction?

I'll always remember Dennis and Brian playing their guitars and singing to Grandma about the featherbed.

Summer nights spent with Anzelons were also very special. We would often all wonder aloud about what we should do. Uncle Al would always suggest heading to the Port Jeff Ferry to suck on the ropes. This would put all of us into a fit of giggles. Grandma would just shake her head.

I'll never forget riding in the car with Grandma and Grandpa. I often worry about him driving all these years in heaven without Grandma there to say "OK Joe."

Grandma, I could write forever. The many suppers at Night Heron with Grandpa peddling lottery tickets, our lunches out at the Chippendale house, your plum cake! As you can see, my memories are filled with love, laughter and family.

Written by Anna
I remember having many good times at the Jareth. We usually stayed in the Wee House.

One weekend at the Jareth, Mom got the idea of surprising Jacqueline and AI. They had just bought a new home in St. James. Mom suggested everyone dress up as bums and go visiting.

Everyone donned their oldest, shabbiest clothes. We looked pretty funny. We parked about a block away so we'd have to parade through her new neighborhood. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Most of their new neighbors were outside enjoying the weather and here comes this disheveled group down the street.

We made quite an impression, but not exactly the one Jacqueline would have preferred. . Poor Jacqueline! She probably could have died -but she laughed and took it all in fun. I guess she was used to her family and their antics. I'm sure her new neighbors got a charge out of it also.

Written by Henry Hughes (family friend)
I cherish my 'honorary Jones family membership' and Grandma Jones has touched my life in some wonderful ways.

When I last saw Grandma she immediately remembered my interests, engaging me on China issues and handing me a few books. As we talked, I glanced over to admire her window garden, and she offered some clippings from her 'goldfish plant.'

These four clippings have grown into four lush plants shared among my family. That simple gift of life has regenerated itself in many warm thoughts of the Jones family and their great, great, garden mother.

Written by Bob
My first mother-in-law died 34 years ago, and my mother died 23 years ago. How delightful it is to have a mother again these past 41/2 years! I hope to have a mother for many more to come.

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Joe Sr. (Grandpa) entertaining a few
of his many grandchildren in Inglenook
(c. 1964)