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Written by John Sr.
The truck on the top is the one Uncle Tom used to drive out to Stony Brook with Joseph and myself to open up Inglenook at the onset of summer. The truck was crammed full and we always had two or three flat tires on the trip. When we rode on Jericho Turnpike around Westbury (there were no parkways) the tires would sound "pallump, pallump, pallump" over the expansion joints in the concrete roadway. I remember too, one year, Uncle Tom singing "It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom Lane" almost the entire trip.

Written by Jerry
The small truck at the bottom was a Crosley. Uncle Marcy used to drive it fixing radios. Some of his friends at one time lifted it from where he parked and moved it so that when he came out from his call he couldn't find it.

Written by John Sr.
I recall a story about the car that is pulling the Spartan van. One summer, it had to be in the late '30's, Pop hired myself and "friends" to deliver circulars. He had about 10,000 printed about a special sale. Uncle Tom drove the car and there were about ten boys arrayed throughout the car. I remember Frank Rinkor's legs hanging out the rear window. When we finished and Uncle Tom returned us we met with Pop in the reception room at East 31st Street. I think he had agreed to pay us each 50 cents an hour but then he started deducting for the time we rode in the car, the time we stopped for a soda, etc. and there was almost a riot developing. Finally he laughed and paid us all, with a little extra.
Another thought, we delivered the fliers in the East New York section because Pop felt he didn't have any customers from there and could evaluate the amount of business he got from the fliers.


Trucks used in the early years of
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