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Joseph J Jones III  

To lead reengineering teams, manage systems projects or design intranet Web sites for a financial institution on Long Island.



I have over twenty years experience in leading and managing Systems projects.

My career began in a major NY bank and I quickly progressed through every branch position before reaching Branch Operations Officer in the early 1970s.

In 1974 I transferred to the bank's computer facility on Long Island. From there I rapidly advanced to programmer, systems analyst, and Project Manager.

In the bank's only year of rating Project Managers, I was rated #1. As such, I was assigned the most challenging projects. A continual string of successes enhanced my reputation and resulted in a promotion to Vice President and an assignment as the Reengineering Manager for the Executive in charge of Retail Banking Systems and Operations.

My first reengineering assignment was to revamp the entire back office of the Retail bank, run by more than 600 staff. Success with that huge project led to several others that were at the forefront of the bank's strategic direction.

People often said that the reason for my success in reengineering was that I had both the talents of a technologist and the required skills of a good business manager. As a former programmer and analyst, I had the logic and research skills. As someone who also had experience on the business side, I could easily recognize the issues that kept an operation from performing at its peak.

Another reason for my success was that I was a master at using tools to make the job easier. I could use tools like:

  • PowerPoint to do things such as create a realistic model of a web site or prepare multimedia presentations.
  • Excel to quickly simulate proposed electronic forms or develop a comprehensive Cost/Benefit analysis.
  • Access to demonstrate the benefits of a database or store and analyze gathered research data.
  • MS Project software for planning and tracking project tasks.
  • Also excelled in a great number of other tools to help in the job of managing or completing projects.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I had both enthusiasm and "people smarts." I knew how to motivate people and use people's skills to both their and the project's advantage. I could effectively communicate with people on all levels, from a programmer to the president of the company.

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