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Joseph J Jones III

2002 to Present -- Consulting work, then hired by North Fork Bank

  • Consulting full-time for Bridgehampton National Bank to automate various lending operations (2009 - present)
  • Hired as a Project Manager by North Fork Bank (2004 - 2009)
  • Consulted for North Fork Bank to implement a new loan origination system (Jul 2003 - 2004)
  • Automated nursing home day care operations (part-time Jun 2002 - Jun 2003)
  • Consulted with JPMChase to convert their intranet site to a new platform (Oct - Dec 2002

April 1998 to May 2002 -- Chase, then JPMorgan in Chase Corporate Business Services

  • Prepared and presented a "Service Delivery Strategy" for CBS
  • Designed a model intranet site for all shared services within CBS
  • Presented a simulated model of the Web site to all managers across CBS for acceptance and agreement to develop and implement
  • Performed as Team Leader of the Design Team assigned to build the CBS Web site
  • After implementation, became manager of the CBS Web site

1991 through 1998 Chemical, then Chase Bank Long Island, NY -- Transition and Reengineering (as Team Leader, VP)

  • Wrote plans for consolidating Time Deposit and Investment areas of Chemical & MHT
  • Promoted to Vice President in 1992 and became chief reengineer for Carl Morales, SVP
  • Led team in Reengineering the way all types of Retail Accounts were being opened
  • Led team in Reengineering all processes performed by Branch Tellers
    (Presented to 250 managers in the 270 Park headquarters auditorium)
  • Led team in Reengineering how Legal Holds & Levies were processed
  • Wrote RFP and directed a team of judges in selecting the Teller 2000 system vendor
  • Reengineered the processes within Commercial & Professional Banking

1981 through 1990 -- Retail Systems (as Project Manager in support of the corporate bank)

  • Managed conversion of the Retail Bank's Commercial Loan system
  • Managed a project to enable our MHFS affiliate to clear checks through the parent bank
  • Developed a model of how the MHFS affiliate's loan offices should be configured
  • Managed a project to image and store indexed file information on Central Index cards and paper loan applications
  • Managed the design and implementation of a lease origination system for WHEELEASE
  • Managed the design and implementation of a consumer loan origination system (automated process from inception through booking)
  • Managed a successful project with the goal of reducing statement rendition time by 24 hours
  • Led redesign team in flowing Back office functions and proposed "quick hit" ideas (These quick hits resulted in 57 FTE saves across a department of approximately 500 staff)
  • Formed and managed the Back Office Automation Group (a staff of 13 programmers and analysts)
  • Developed conceptual technical and business models for Retail's back office operations
  • Designed applications and common services for prototype unit called Funds Control Unit. Was awarded a plaque from the team inscribed "For the Vision that made it all happen."

1975 to 1980 -- Retail Systems (as Systems Analyst in support of three upstate affiliate banks)

  • Wrote COBOL programs for early ATMs
  • Wrote Basic programs to aid in system testing and project management
  • Performed system conversions for ODLs, I/Ls, Savings and Clubs
  • Managed conversion of Buffalo bank to Certificate of Deposit system
  • Introduced "Structured Documentation" to Retail Systems
  • Worked in Sarasota with vendor to design Mortgage Loan system
  • Became manager of the Systems group supporting upstate banks
  • Managed three Commercial Loan system conversions




1964 to 1975 Manufacturers Hanover Trust Queens, NY Branch Experience

  • Advanced from Rack Clerk to Operations Officer
  • Attended American Institute of Banking
  • Took leave of absence to serve in U.S. Army from 1966 to 1968 and performed one-year tour in Vietnam

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