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About the Speech
Joe Sr. served as Commander of the Maurice G. Jones American Legion Post in Flatbush, NY. In July 1973, he was also named National President of the Rainbow Division's Veteran's Committee. The Rainbow Division is the famous fighting unit in which Joe Sr. served during WWI.
To read Joe's diary of the war, click here.

During his one-year term, Joe attended several conventions across America and worked hard to expand the Rainbow's membership. He also brought its accounting ledger out of the red, leaving it with a positive balance of several thousand dollars.

When his term ended on July 14, 1974, Joe made a speech that was recorded on cassette. Parts of his speech are captured on this page.

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(Joe began by introducing a few dignitaries and then said:)
This is a very sad moment for me to have to give up the presidency. I really enjoyed my year as your president. When I give up this badge, it breaks my heart.

Lindbergh Story
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In November, your National President was an honored guest of Alabama's veteran's day celebration. I flew into Birmingham on TWA and on arrival I was surprised to note that State police, Army, Navy, and Marine honor guard were there to meet me.

I left the plane with the good feeling that the National President would be given such a tremendous welcome. After I introduced myself to the Grand Marshall, he asked me to standby for the other VIP who had arrived on the same flight . . . Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh.

End of Speech
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Ladies and gentlemen, you gave me a great gift in Orlando last July. At the same time, you placed in me your trust and faith.
I thank you sincerely for this honor and I hope and pray, now that this Rainbow year is now ended, that I contributed to Rainbow.
I hope each of you, as we again look forward, can truthfully say to himself the faith and trust was well placed.
May God bless each of you and hold each of you within so that again once more we can meet in good comradeship in 1975.


Joe Sr. with Charles Lindbergh.
Joe Sr. with Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh

Photo Comment
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I had a picture taken with Colonel Lindbergh and I let him think the entire reception was just for him.