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VE Day
Note: Joe's mother, Helen, wrote this letter. It talks about Victory in Europe Day.
May 8, 1945
Dear Joseph,
While there was premature spontaneous celebration yesterday, today was officially declared VE day by President Truman at 9 o'clock this A.M. He delivered an 800-word speech, which took exactly 7 minutes. He was followed immediately by Prime Minister Churchill and ended with the National Anthem. Just as Truman started speaking we could hear the boat whistles, no sirens though.

All day long there have been VE special programs coming from Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Philippines, Guam, England, and Paris. Each time Paris has been on I wonder if you had anything to do with the hookups. (Note: After being wounded Joe was reassigned to the Signal Corp near Paris.) There is also a special VE television program tonight at 8 o'clock. Naturally, we would love to see how you and all the boys took the news of victory.

Anne called us up at 8:30 this morning to tell us about her letter from you dated April 28th. I was glad to hear you will eventually get into radio. I am writing this on VE day but am not going to mail it until we receive your new address. And when we do get that address, I hope to mail you a package. I was wondering today if it might be an idea to send you a camera and film. Then maybe someday before you come home, you would get a chance to go to Uncle Marcy's grave (note: Marcy was Joe Sr.'s younger brother who was KIA in the war) and take a picture of it. I sent you all the details as to place and grave in a previous letter but will send them again when you get settled. Of course, with all the programs being dedicated to those who have sacrificed their lives, we have thought of him a good deal. I know Granny Jones and Doodie, and Grandpa too, will feel it even more today. I believe he must (Grandpa) know the truth because the insurance checks have been coming in regularly. He doesn't say a thing though.

I have just returned from the store and it has been the first time my butcher has had a sign on the door "no meat." Tonight the Statue of Liberty will be flooded with all her new lights for the first time, as well as the Dome on the National Capitol. The brownout has been lifted, so Pop can now light up his store again.

I wrote you a special V mail yesterday to tell you Mrs. Hurley received her first letter from her son since he was reported missing Jan. 20th (94th Division). He was a prisoner the last three months and hopes to be home soon.

This will be all for now. I'll add to it again when I have more news.
Mother and Dad

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VE Day Newspaper
May 8, 1945 issue of
The Stars and Stripes
Paris Edition
mailed home by Joe Jr.

Victory Parade
"American troops of the 28th Infantry Division march down the Champs Elysees, Paris, in the `Victory' Parade."

U.S. National Anthem