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Hiking Again

Dec 1, 1918 (Sunday)
Hiked from Useldange to Mersch(?) 20 kilo. Had a good home. Apple pie, pork chop.

Dec 2, 1918
Hiked to Walddilling(?) 18 kilo.

Dec 3, 1918
Hiked 26 k crossing the border at 10:30am. Bollendorf, the town on the border line. First German feed.

Dec 4, 1918
Ate two good meals at Holtstheim(?). Big ones.

Dec 5, 1918
Hiked from Holsttheim(?) to Breckendorf 24 k. Had supper.

Dec 6, 1918
Hiked from Breckendorf to Wallersheim 25 k.

Dec 7, 1918
Hiked from Wallersheim to Hillesheim 18 k. Had a meal.

Dec 8, 1918 (Sunday)
Hiked to Weisbaum 7 kilo, Had pancakes and waffles. Had a mess.

Dec 9, 1918
Hiked from Weisbaum Wershofen (Eifel) 35 k. One bill 270 meter(?). 3 k long. Passed 7 towns. Rain.

Dec 10, 1918
Rested at Werohofen(?) Eifel. Rice and prunes breakfast.

Dec 11, 1918
Rested at the same place.

Dec 12, 1918
Same place. Wrote to A Davis, Grandpa, Mother 2, Helen 2, Mrs Mcdermott, Aunt Mag, M Weldrick, Mr Cronin, Mr Baker, Elsie, M Adams, Mrs Rennie.

Dec 13, 1918
Rested at Wershofen.

Dec 14, 1918
Hiked 24 kilo.

Dec 15, 1918 (Sunday)
Hiked from Althenohr(?) to Remagen (short for Remagen-am-Rhein) 28 kilo.

(No entries for two days)

Dec 18, 1918
Received letters from M Baker, Sister, M Adams.

Dec 19, 1918
Wrote cards to Helen, Mr Baker, M Adams, Mame Faber, Mother, M Weldrick, A Davis, Aunt Maggie, Jane Taveren, Mr Burlein

Dec 21,1918
Letter to Helen.

Dec 22, 1918 (Sunday)
Mass 9:15. Card from J Tomasso.

Dec 23, 1918
Wrote to Mother. Big day at 105. Cobblenz Strasse(?).

(No entries for three days)

Dec 27, 1918
Received a letter from Father and answered it.

Dec 28, 1918
Wrote to Helen. Card to (list of names).

Dec 29, 1918 (Sunday)
Mass. Received letters from M Ryan, George Casazza.

Dec 30, 1918
Wrote to G Casazza, M Baker, M Ryan.

Dec 31, 1918
Wrote to E Jones, M Weldrick, Grandpa.

(The diary only had preprinted dates for the year 1918. When it turned 1919, he went back to the front of the diary and hand-wrote the dates above each entry.)

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Christmas 1918
Photo extracted from Dec 1919 issue of
National Geographic

The caption below the photo reads:
There were seas of mud and a never-ceasing fall of rain throughout
northern France during the last week of December, 1918, but no
external incidents could dim the enthusiasm of those intent upon
celebrating Christmas in the familiar American fashion.