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Left Baccarat

Jun 18, 1918
Battle. Left Deneuvre at 8pm Hiked 24 kilo (15 miles). Passed through Ramberville at Moyemont and finished at 2:30am. Passed Yaphank boys.

Jun 19, 1918
Finished hike at 2:30am. Haskell visited regiment at Moyemont. Plenty of fun. Passed Rambervillers.

Jun 20, 1918
Rested at Moyemont.

Jun 21, 1918
Rain. Washed clothes. Wrote to Helen #12 (must be a mistake - he already had a #12). Telephone at Moyemont. First day of summer.

Jun 22, 1918

Jun 23, 1918 (Sunday)
Left Moyemont at 8:30am. Slept in a bed given by a telephone lady. Hiked to Chatel (Vosges) at 9:50. Put in box cars (40) and rode through Nancy Toul and all big towns.

Jun 25, 1918

Arrived at 2am at Chalons. Hiked for 7 kilo (4.4 miles) and good and tired at the end. Nineteen hour ride. Very tired.

Jun 26, 1918
Warm. Played ball.

Jun 27, 1918
Wrote to Helen #13, Mother (and others).

Jun 28, 1918

Warm. Started to write to Helen. Started hike from Beauvery at 9:30pm. Hiked until 8:30am. Passed Chalons.

(No entries for two days)

Jul 1, 1918
Warm. Received letter from Grandpa. Terme Du Vadenay 40k from Reims. 20k (12.5 miles) from Chalons.

Jul 2, 1918
Warm. Received letter from J. Corrigan, Mr Baker. Wrote to Helen #15, Mother, Mr Baker, J Corrigan.

Jul 3, 1918
Warm. Wrote to John Mac, Grandpa. Packed for hike.

Jul 4, 1918
Holiday. Started hike at 3am for Ecole Normale de Fir. Hiked 8 kilo (5 miles). Very tired.

Jul 5, 1918
Received letters from Father, sister, A Davis. Hiked from Ecole to our position on the front 3 kilo.

Jul 6, 1918
No sleep.

Jul 7, 1918 (Sunday)
Wrote to Helen #16, Father, Mr Burpliss. No church. Worked. Beat French at soccer 6-3. Camp De Lyre.

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