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In Baccarat

May 14, 1918
Sent to operate a switchboard.

May 15, 1918
Helen's birthday. Good Luck, God bless you my best and only girl in this world. Wrote to Helen #2. (It appears that he started numbering the letters sent to Helen)

May 16, 1918
Same old stuff. Very hot.

(No entries for two days)

May 19, 1918
Went to Mass at Baccarat. The big glass center. Foley played all the latest hits of the states. Buried Morris of Co. J.

May 20, 1918
Played ball and Co. F beat us. Rumors about going home very shortly.

May 21, 1918
Maneuvers 7:45am. Wrote to Helen #3 and Mother.

May 22, 1918
Very warm. Played ball. Beat 11b Cannon 23-7. Took long walk.

May 25, 1918
Very warm. Wrote letters.

May 26, 1918
Wrote to Helen #4. Beat French in soccer 2-1.

May 27, 1918
Saw minstrel by 2nd Battalion.

May 28, 1918
Wrote to Helen #5. Many gassed.

May 30, 1918
Services and decoration of graves of soldiers at Baccarat.

Jun 1, 1918
Air raid by Germans at 3am. Pay day. Confession to Father Duffy. Bought shaving brush and toothpaste. Shaved. Wrote to Helen #6

Jun 2, 1918 (Sunday)
Church 10am. Took long walk.

Jun 3, 1918
Very warm. Spent morning with French family. Wrote to Helen #7, Father.

Jun 4, 1918
Took walk.

Jun 5, 1918
A show given by 12 French Div.

Jun 6, 1918
Wrote Helen #8. Saw American movie "Invisible Power"

Jun 7, 1918
Very warm. Fell asleep in the woods. Aeroplane battle. Buried boy from Co. F.

Jun 8, 1918
Received mail from L. Corrigan. Saw movie "Acquitted"

Jun 9, 1918 (Sunday)
Communion at 7am. Photograph taken. Wrote to Helen # 9

Jun 10, 1918
Rain and damp. Saw the Juggernaut featuring Dunn and 5 parts also Charlie Chaplin in "Talked with Maria"

Jun 11, 1918
Damp, rain. Wrote to Mrs Neal, Father Corrigan. K of C show.

Jun 12, 1918
Wrote to Helen #10, Elizabeth Jones, M Adams.

Jun 13, 1918
Very warm. Took long walk. Wrote to Helen #11.

Jun 14, 1918
Very warm. Saw movies. Scotty Provan.

Jun 15, 1918
Rain. Saw a concert by a harpist and soloist. Received papers all.

Jun 16, 1918 (Sunday)
Church 9:30. Sat with a French girl 9:30. Wrote to Helen #12.

Jun 17, 1918
Yaphank boys came in town to relieve us. Rain all day. Sat with Maria 9pm. 56 Rue Du Menil.

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Music by Richard Whiting (1918)
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