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In Hospital

Mar 22, 1918
Taken away to the hospital in a bad state after having withstood two days of gas. Many fellows gassed - C. Braun of Wis. Cannon shot and killed by shrapnel. Reached hospital at ? at 5 pm. Moved from this hospital to Hospital Base 18. Cross ? awarded to the boys that went over the top.

Mar 23, 1918
Reached Base 18 after riding 11 hours on train. Hair cut off all over my body and staying agony.

Mar 24, 1918
Spent Sunday in bed with three of the best meals I ever ate.

Mar 25, 1918
In the hospital and resting good.

Mar 28, 1918
Holy Thursday. Bandaged around the testicles. Wrote to Mother and Helen.

Mar 29, 1918
Good Friday. No hot cross buns. New uniform and all my equipment destroyed from gas. Supposed to leave for St. ?jaire. I went to Confession in the hospital at 10:30 am and received after dinner. Three boys die from gas. Five months ago I started for France.

Mar 30, 1918
Rain. One more fellow died, about six in all.

Mar 31, 1918
Ready to move to base hospital at St. Leiser. Easter Sunday. Leave Base Hospital at 3:30 am. Rain. Apr 1, 1918 Passed Beard, Nevers, Bengy

Apr 2, 1918
Arrived at Savenay at 1:30am and get put in a good ward. Plenty of sunshine. Shave.

Apr 3, 1918
Everything is running smoothly. Report to a clinic for eyes to be treated. Play interesting hands of pinochle. Dreams of Helen. Plenty to eat. Eat at mess hall. Three good squares.

Apr 4, 1918
Wrote to Foley, Helen Fatthauer, and Grandpa.

Apr 5, 1918
Saw movie of Sid Drew in the Call by Weston. One year ago today, war was declared. Two nuts put in the nut ward. C? filled up. Plenty to eat.

Apr 6, 1918
Breakfast 7 am. Oatmeal, hash, coffee, bread and butter. Sunny day. Shaved. Spent evening watching French movies.

Apr 7, 1918
Spent Sunday by going to church. Playing cards. Taking a long walk after lunch. Blue and Gray Division arrive.

Apr 8, 1918
Wrote the Father, Helen, brother John. Took a long walk to visit Savenay and visited the racetrack. Saw French movies. German trenches taken.

Apr 9, 1918
A balloon circles around hospital 3:30 PM A concert by a French Miss sang Oh Johnny, Billy, Honey Boy.

Apr 10, 1918
Reveille 6:30 am. As usual, a walk. Sent gas victims back to duty. Some boxing bouts, four in all with some sailors.

Apr 11, 1918
Shaved without brush. Had my tooth refilled at Savenay by a student. Saw movie "The Good Bad Man" featuring D. Fairbanks.

Apr 12, 1918
Sweep up. Shower. See movies when I get taken by a weak spell.

Apr 13, 1918
Told to rest. Take a walk.

Apr 14, 1918
Mess 7:30 am. Rain, chilly. Wrote to Helen. Pains in chest. Talked in my dreams. Americans capture 40 Boche at Toul.

Apr 15, 1918
No walk. Boys are feeling good. Saw the "Little Bugler" movie.

Apr 16, 1918
Very damp day. Baumann and Denham leave for states.

Apr 17, 1918
Campbell leaves for states. Damp. Concert. Change bed. Peel spuds.

Apr 18, 1918
Same routine. Wrote to Father and Helen. Saw Charlie Chaplain in Carmen.

Apr 19, 1918
Mopped up ward. Shaved. Saw Jalousy in a movie.

Apr 22, 1918
Took long walk. Saw movies. Detail.

Apr 24, 1918

Long walk. Saw French girls. Yvonne from Verdeen sector. Three good meals. Fixed flower garden at Savenay.

Apr 25, 1918
Made a cane. Wrote to Helen. Saw Fatty Arbuckle movie.

Apr 26, 1918
Take long walk. Concert by a tenor violinist.

Apr 28, 1918
Just six months to day since I last saw Helen and I am feeling good. Took a long walk. Had three queens. Played ball with Yvonne.

Apr 29, 1918
Report for inspection 8:50 am. Six months ago we left Camp Mills and boarded America.

May 1, 1918
Six months ago I pulled out of New York Harbour. Told to get ready to return to duty. Gave Helen her ring.

May 2, 1918
Left Savenay at 1pm for Regt.

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Base 18 Hospital
Base 18 Hospital

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